Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Muse - Pain

Do you know that statistically, there are many poems based on revealing the emotion ‘sadness’ rather than ‘happiness’ and, we connect to those sad emotions instantly when compared to other emotions? Why? I don’t have an answer. What I feel is that it is a universal emotion, feeling sad, to which everyone can connect despite race and religion.

I used to have a blog before I started this new blog. You can find that many posts which I have written are to console myself through words. Every time I read the comments under such sad posts I find people saying ‘That’s true, I too feel the same’. I have given it a thought and came to a conclusion that sadness, melancholy, heart-breaks, and etcetera similar emotions can be a muse to bring out the writer or a poet in you rather than the happy and synonymous emotions. Again, why?

I think it’s because we’d rather enjoy the emotional state of being happy than wasting our time to sit and write a poem or blogpost on it. Isn’t it true?


I guess, you all have seen the movie ‘Rockstar’ in which Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri play the lead roles. Ranbir is so passionate about music that he tries every possible way to become a Rockstar. One day, a canteen owner gives him an advice that a great melody comes out of a trauma or a heartbreak. When he finally falls in love with Nargis Fakhri, she gets married to another guy and departs to Prague. Now, Ranbir gets into a feud with his family and is thrown out of his own home.

He lives in a Dargah for his foreseeable future and that’s where he starts singing songs out of pain and loss of his love and family.

He also becomes a real Rockstar, singing out of pain and loss, after he loses love of his life Nargis Fakhri to a disease called Bone Marrow Aplasia.


Not just fictitiously, but there are many who became famous out of their pain, like Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo et al.

Do you think Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet would be such a huge hit even after centuries if it had a happy ending? I don’t think so.

When we open a newspaper, we rush to read news about disasters, wars, and evil things first. And, read the joyous news later, if any.

Can pain be related to our psychological state too which can bring out our creative side?

Many of my friends fear that when they are happy for too long, that something bad is soon going to happen in their lives. They are like more open to pain and can resist the good as naturally as possible.

So now, don’t you think pain can be the only greatest muse to bring out an artist in someone? Can we categorize pain as a beautiful feeling? But, isn’t that anything which makes a human emotional state weak is bad?

Tell me about your muse, your inspiration that moved you so much so that you started doing something which you usually wouldn’t have started if it’s not because of that.

So, yeah. This blogpost got selected for WOW! :)

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